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Premier provider of state-of-the-art drone training and custom drone services in the Georgia, South and North Carolina area.

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From custom-service drones to cutting-edge data analysis,
AINautics has the resources necessary to help you reach your goals.
Our is a full-service aerial photography and video production company.

Commercial real estate, Residential and Muti-unit aerial Property

Showcase your commercial property, multi-unit residential condo or apartment building in style with aerial photography and video. Drones can give potential buyers/renters a comprehensive overview of the premises plus its surrounding environment. Let our images capture scenic landscapes, short distance to schools; showcase nearby establishments within seconds! Enhance new builds that have yet been completed – from various elevations – we got you covered! AINautics offer top-notch videos for marketing purposes at competitive rates too.

Bridges and Infrastructure inspections

Drone aerial photography and video have revolutionized the inspection of bridges and other infrastructure, delivering efficiency by reducing time costs as well as workplace risks. With drones at their disposal, inspecting complex bridge structures is no longer a hazardous undertaking; workers can now access the most difficult-to-reach sections with minimal advance preparation. The benefits brought about by this technological breakthrough are undeniable – it’s clear that drone technology has changed how we inspect our infrastructure for good!

Thermal Drone Inspections

AINautics thermal drone roof inspections provide invaluable insight into the safety and durability of your building’s most important protective barrier. Our advanced infrared heat detection abilities identify irregularities before they cause damage, helping maintain structural integrity while reducing long-term repair costs.

Construction Site

Staying ahead of the game in construction is now made easier with drones. Our clients are taking full advantage of drone data to facilitate more efficient operations and make cost-saving improvements on their sites. Real-time progress photos, better visibility into site issues for subcontractors, improved safety awareness through aerial views; these all contribute to a significant series of benefits that utilizing drone media can bring you. With such tools at hand not only will your managers have an effective way to track performances but bankers can also use it for draws – various possibilities await!

Roof Inspections

Technology has revolutionized the way roof inspections are conducted. Without having to use a ladder, operators can now quickly identify potential trouble spots on roofs using thermal imaging cameras, which generate heat profiles of the surface they’re inspecting -all while staying safely grounded.


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